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Airports have the responsibility for all airside drivers. Coast’s airside driver online training and evaluation program has served the Aviation industry for years.

The online program ensures airside personnel know the safe operations of vehicles in high-risk, demanding environments. Interactive instruction demonstrates runways, taxiways, aprons, stands and roadways. The online testing evaluates knowledge and skills, and prepares employees for certification and licensing.

Coast’s innovative driver training and assessment includes:

  • Digital online classroom training
  • Online study and self-assessment
  • Training on vehicle, plant, equipment, and facilities
  • Operational safety in all aspects of vehicles, plants, and equipment
  • Aircraft proximity, aprons, stands, and airside roadways
  • Maneuvering and the unique hazards of runways, taxiways and aircraft traffic
  • Radio communications, ATC (Air Traffic Control), and RTF training

Coast is developing the Next-Generation “Gold Standard” of interactive, 3D virtual-world airside training. Based on game technologies, 3D environments are safe and risk free. Staff gain valuable hours in simulated environments before real-world practice and training. Successful candidates receive certification and licensing in all aspects of airside safety.

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